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          1. Group Philosophy
            Party Construction
            Staff Club

            Carefully Creating the Libo Brand Wholeheartedly Building a Century Enterprise

            Libo Spirit: Quality First, Credit Uppermost, Teamwork Enhancing and Endeavor Forward
            Libo Philosophy: Pursuing Perfection, Innovating For the Future
            Responsibility Philosophy: Wealth Creation, Welfare Shared;
            Innovation Philosophy: Science and Technological Innovation As Always
            Management Philosophy: Innovation in Management is the Ever-lasting Theme;
            Business Philosophy: Honesty is Our Eternal Promise;
            Customer Philosophy: Customer Satisfaction is Our Eternal Pursuit;
            Quality Philosophy: Quality is the Life, Process is the Key, and Zero Defect is the Goal;
            HR Philosophy: Insisting on the Principle of Putting People First, Advocating to Becoming Talented at the Post, Providing Opportunities for Further Education, and Realizing the Common Development and the Win-win result of both the Enterprise and the Staff.

            Copyright Zhejiang Libo Holding Group Co., Ltd. ICP2013091900018
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