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          1. Corporate Introduction
            Organization Chart
            Development History
            Libo Honors
            Innovative Technologies

            Libo Group was established in 1988 that owns 13 sub-companies; we specialize in copper and aluminum processing, manufacturing coaxial cable, real estate development , trading and investment. Libo produces over 100,000 tons of oxygen-free copper wire, silver-copper alloy wire, shaped copper material, copper plate and strip, over 60,000 tons of high precision aluminum strip and foil, and over 200,000 kilometers of communication cables.

            Libo Group is a nationally recognized Hi-Tech Enterprise in China. We own a provincial-level research and development center and have developed nearly 50 national-level patents. We drafted and participated in draft of more than 30 national-level product standards, and undertook the National 12th Five-Year Plan Key Technological Support Program, National 863 Plan and many other National Torch Plan Programs.

            Libo is one of the 500 largest private enterprises in China, and one of top ten copper rod and wire enterprises in China. It is also the Model of National Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise, the National Model Home of Workers and the Advanced Unit for Helping Handicapped.

            Libo’s motto is “Pursuing Perfection, Innovating for the Future,” and we look forward to working with partners around the world in a spirit of progress and cooperation.

            Copyright Zhejiang Libo Holding Group Co., Ltd. ICP2013091900018
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